This compressor plug-in was created in cooperation with Ploytec.

700W is a completely new approach to compression.
Unlike a conventional compressor it only acts where you need it.
It's main field of application is to enhance your endmix. Gain up to 1.9 dB of loudness you can't get from any other tool.

700W is easy to use. 
Just lower the threshold as long as you don't hear artifacts.
And try the different sounds. Probably the "artifacts" will enhance your mix with the right sound setting.

Downloads (version 1.0.2):
700W VST2 Windows 32 Bit
700W VST2 Windows 64 Bit

When you start 700W for the first time it will run in demo mode. A friendly voice will remind you of this from time to time.

After trying the demo you can purchase 700W for 79 € with the PayPal link below.
Please don't forget to enter the Lock code 700W shows on your computer.


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