This Harmonic Processor was created in cooperation with ploytec

Aroma consists of four independent processing units:

Salt and Pepper have a valve like effect. While Pepper is focused on odd harmonics, Salt also adds even ones.
Sugar brings the sweet and fat sound of an analogue tape machine.
Chili enhances the odd harmonics in a simple and sophisticated way that reminds of analogue harmonic effects.

The Flavour Controls add a variety of sounds that goes far beyond analogue models like valve or tape.

Mid/Side Processing can be used for fine tuning of the stereo base or even for massive stereo enhancement.

The plug-in is available for VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.

Downloads: Windows  OSX (version 1.1.1, manual included)

When you start Aroma for the first time it will run in demo mode. A friendly voice will remind you of this from time to time.

After trying the demo you can purchase Aroma for 89 Euro with the PayPal link below.
Please don't forget to enter the Lock code Aroma shows on your computer.


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