This Dynamic Processor was created in cooperation with Masterlab Audio.

DynaQ splits the Input into two signals: Below (compressed Input) and Above (Input - Below):

Both signals then pass their own effect stack consisting of EQ, Saturation, Stereo Width and Pan.
So you can treat the loud and low parts or transient- and decay phase of a signal seperately.
Additionally the compressor's control signal can be prefiltered so DynaQ can react to special acoustic events.

If the built in effects don't seem to meet your requirements you can also route the signals to additional channels if your DAW supports multiple outputs from an effect plugin, like Reaper does.

Find more information and some tutorial videos here.

The plug-in is available for VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.

Download the 30 days fully functional demo here: Windows, macOS BigSur and Catalina, elder macOS.

To purchase DynaQ for 199€ please go to Masterlab Audio.