As its companion plug-in Aroma, this Harmonic Processor was created in cooperation with Ploytec GmbH
After Aroma developement was finished Markus didn't leave ploytec's lab in the Black Forest until he found the perfect sounding transmission characteristics, which we built into Mango.

Though Mango's sound might remind of a valve's effect there's no analogue template in this case.

Mango works in Mono-, Stereo- and Mid/Side mode.
In- and output attenuation keep your signal in range.
Stereo <-> M/S parameter transfers ease the workflow.

The plug-in is available for VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.

Downloads: Windows  OSX (version 1.0.1, manual included)

When you start Mango for the first time it will run in demo mode. A friendly voice will remind you of this from time to time.

After trying the demo you can purchase Mango for EUR 69 with the PayPal link below (or via credit card at Ploytec)
Please don't forget to enter the Lock code Mango shows on your computer.