hamburg-audio NUKLEAR

Matthias Erhard & Bernhard Korth from ZERO DEGREE
produced their first Track with NUKLEAR
and had some time for a short interview.

How would you describe our music and what kind of instruments do you use?

Nuklear AU & VST PlugIn SurfaceIt is difficult for me to describe our music, I'd rather leave that to others. We don't follow any particular trends. It is unmistakable though, that I am influenced by music legends like Klaus Schulze, and Matthias has a background in industrial and techno. That created a unique combination for us that worked right from the start. Matthias does brilliant rhythmic work in a way I haven't known before. If I would really have to describe our music I would say: kind of spaced out.

The differences between Matthias and myself is reflected in our choice of instruments as well. While Matthias also uses hardware from time to time, I have always been a pure software user.

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