hamburg-audio NUKLEAR

What makes NUKLEAR interesting for you?

Nuklear enriches our sound spectrum immensely. I mean, there are sounds that are absolutely new. I like the crisp stuff you can do with it, and particularly the possibility to trigger all parameters wit rhythmic patterns. Really cool! I like the quick and easy access to all parameters. After a very short time of adjustment I knew very well where and how to use the parameters in order to get to a desired result.

What makes NUKLEAR's sound different from synthesizers you used previously, and how does that affect your music?

It's really hard to define the difference in sound compared to other synthesizers. It's just different in some way!! Crisper, more spaced out, more innovative…
At the moment I mostly start with one sound of NUKLEAR. I just let myself get seduced by the sound, everything else just happens by itself. If the outcome is a track like a long way home we're perfectly happy.

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