This plugin adds earthquake-like rumbles to your kick drum sounds.

It was built in cooperation with Björn Torwellen / sinee who was tired of doing all the steps again and again to create rumbling techno kick drums.
Now with kikzilla you've got instant access to these sounds.

Find a video tutorial and sound examples on the sinee web page.

But kikzilla isn't limited to techno or kick drums.
Also try it on other drum instruments like snares and hi-hats!

kikzilla is a gated reverb combined with a damping filter, distortion and an EQ.

kikzilla is available for VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.

Downloads: Windows  OSX (version 1.0.3, manual included)

When you start kikzilla for the first time it will run in demo mode. A friendly voice will remind you of this from time to time. This is the only demo restriction.

After trying the demo you can purchase kikzilla for EUR 39 with the PayPal link below.

Please don't forget to enter the Lock code kikzilla shows on your computer.
You'll receive the key instantly via Email - please also check your spam folder.