hamburg-audio NUKLEAR
Nuklear AU & VST PlugIn SurfaceMálaga, 29.08.2011

Hamburg-audio releases the first plugin synthesizer based on advanced pulsar synthesis

NUKLEAR™ comes with unique pulsar oscillators and enriches classic sound synthesis with essential new parameters: by disassociating the note pitch from the waveform length it is possible to create new, previously unheard sounds.

As opposed to classic sound synthesis not the waveform length, but solely its repetition rate is responsible for the resulting pitch.
The length of the individual “pulsaret grains” is controlled and modulated by a separate parameter, the “pulsaret frequency”.

The plugin is available in Audio Unit, VST2 and VST3 format for Windows (32bit & 64bit) and Mac (Intel) for a retail price of 169 Euro (89.- Euro EDU).

Download NUKLEAR™ press-realease