hamburg-audio NUKLEAR
Nuklear AU & VST PlugIn SurfaceNUKLEAR Update 1.1.2

Version 1.1.2 with new features and bug fixes
is available for download now.

- improved CPU performance
- AU 64 Bit support
- bend range added
- enlarged editor
- oscillators: envelopes now have an effect on white and pink noise
- the mod menu now shows active modulators
- complete mod list on settings page
- sound improvement for tune modulation of sinusoidal waveforms
- new factory soundset

- fixed envelope decay control restarting bug
- negative fine tune mod amount
- hanging notes in Logic
- Nuklear AU now plays notes with correct time offsets
- Installer default directory (Windows 64 bit)
- interpolation of mod wheel control

Version 1.1.2 Download
Version 1.1.2 Pressefolder